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Write A Letter of Support

Your voice, as a community member is invaluable. Each letter of support we secure is a step closer to Joshua’s release. Letters of support submitted to the Governor and/or Parole and Commutation Board will automatically be added to Joshua’s commutation application. The application will be thoroughly examined and considered by many different people in addition to the Parole and Commutation Board, including the attorney who prosecuted Joshua’s case and the current Attorney General. While they are public servants charged with looking out for the best interest of the community, you ARE the community member so your letter of support is VERY powerful!



Acknowledgment: I understand the information I have provided will be sent to the Michigan Parole and Commutation Board and the Michigan State Governor and will be included in Joshua Puckett’s application for commutation.

Acknowledgment: I give permission for my letter to be viewed on www.freejoshpuckett.com.