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Letter of Support:

Your voice matters! Please write a letter of support to help free Joshua Puckett.




“I hope that you will give Mr. Puckett’s commutation request serious consideration.”

– Senator Martha G. Scott to Governor Jennifer Granholm, June 2010 read complete letter...





“I hope that you can see as I do the changes in Joshua Puckett, now at 33 from the kid he was at 19 when he went in. Know that he really does have a place in the outside world and that he is ready to begin a new life as a changed free man.” - Brian Alexander read complete letter..




“…I am asking that you commute his sentence for several reasons. Joshua is not a danger or threat to society. The length of his sentence is not in alignment with his role in the crime. The money spent on incarceration – just under $36,000 a year could be better spent given the current economic realities in Michigan.”

- Reverend Richard Beatty, Renaissance Unity Church read complete letter..




“He [Joshua] has changed. During his imprisonment he has worked to better himself academically, personally, spiritually and is ready to be a productive citizen.”

- Cindy Perri, Joshua’s Life Coach read complete letter..






“He [Joshua] has received his GED, horticulture certificate, greenhouse management certificate, computer training, was block representative and worked as a clerk in several facilities. He has also volunteered his time for charitable causes and coached hockey.”

- Kathleen Baker read complete letter...




“As a church community, we at Renaissance Unity, support reentry into the mainstream society and most certainly welcome the opportunity for Mr. Joshua Puckett to volunteer for our organization. I understand that he works in the gardening area at the prisons he has been in; and we have a lot of property that includes several gardens where he could work among the trees, scrubs, and flowers.”

- Reverend Sandy Hess, Renaissance Unity Church read complete letter..




“Since his incarceration in 1995 I have listened to Josh tell of his pain and regret. I have in fact visited with him many times and listened to him talk of how sorry he is for happened and how he wants to make the world a better place. He has deep regret for the tragedy and wants to make it right.”

- Tracy Barone read complete letter..




“I ask for the release of Josh Puckett, not because his difficult childhood absolves any bad decisions he would make as an adult, but because Josh has found peace in the 15 years he has served for the crime he committed and he has shown that he has matured significantly.”

- Christine Ryan read complete letter..

Sentor Scott's Letter

Brenda Henkle

Brian Alexander

Robert Maldonado

Amanda D. Davis

Tracy Barone

Christine Ryan

Cindy Perri

James Dunn

Michael Seeburger

Mary Jane Gazda

Saroya Jamal

Ann Warner

Christina Atkinson

Cindy Jacques

Dawn Cicero

James Magnuson

Jimmy Dunn

Linda Puryear

Mary Mergtime

Michael Seeburger

Morgan Renaur

Rev. Ric Beattie

Rev. Sandy Hess

Saroya Jamal

Sean Kosofsky

Stephen Silha

Ann Warner








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Last Updated on Wednesday, May 23 2012